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The Last September

In the novel, The Last September, Elizabeth Bowen describes specific events and displays extreme emotions that many people would think could only be expressed from personal experience.Elizabeth would put characteristics of her childhood and teenager years into the life of Lois, one of the main characters in the book.Her life was full of trials and tribulations and she shared that throughout her novel.I believe that Elizabeth Bowen wrote this novel from her own personal experience, especially through Lois Farquar.As stated by the author Phyllis Lassner, "Bowen's conception of her family home is reconstituted in the relationship between Danielstown and its residents"(Lassner 27).Elizabeth Bowen's books portray moments in her life:
In The Last September, Miss Bowen'sfirst important novel, she deals directly with the crisis of being Anglo-Irish at a time of national crisis, called the Troubles.Just as her early stories were written about her childhood at the time of her transition to adulthood, this work, too, marks another stage of transition in her life. (Kenny 61)
Elizabeth Bowen's life is portrayed through the characters and setting of her book The Last September.
Elizabeth Bowen was born in 1899.She lived most of her life in England with her mother.Her father had a mental illness so she was unable to stay with him.Bowen's mother passed away when Elizabeth was young, so she was sent to live with some elderly relatives.Elizabeth's father died when she was in her 20s and she inherited the family estate, Bowen's Court, where she lived alone for about eight years (Kenny 31-32).In her novel The Last September, Lois Farquar is living Elizabeth Bowen's life.Elizabeth is telling the story of her life almost directly through Lois' character.Lois' mother died therefore, she had to move in with her aunt and uncle Naylor, which was the same situation El…


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