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The Life and Works of Krzysztof Kieslowski

Well-known director Krzysztof Kieslowski, has stated that he dislikes making films but appreciates the life they’ve allowed him to live. Kieslowski was born in Warsaw, Poland, on June 27, 1941. His father was ill for most of his life and when he was 16, his father died at the age of 47. At this time, Kieslowski had no idea what he wanted to do with his life so he decided to try being a fireman. However, the discipline that position required didn’t suit him, so he dropped out.

Kieslowski’s uncle told him about The College for Theater Technicians in Warsaw, and Kieslowski enrolled, having no other direction for his life. Once in college, he fell in love with theater and decided to become a director. In order to enter the program, hefirst had to complete studies in another field, so he chose film directing because he thought it would relate well to theater work.Kieslowski failed his entrance exams to L;dz Film School two successive years. When orders for him to sign on for service in WWII came his way, he purposefully starved himself and faked psychological instability in order to avoid military service. He avoided the draft and supported his family through various jobs, from office positions to theatrical tailoring (where he met many actors who would later work for him), and dabbled in poetry and drawing.

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His early professional film work consisted of a series of one-act films designed to be shown in theaters as supporting material for features films. Throughout the remainder of his career, public consensus of the director remained split – many in Poland admired his work, while others considered him an opportunist. They also believed him to be a traitor to himself and his country. Despite being well known in Poland, he wasn;t internationally known until his trilogy of films “Three Colors”.

Throughout his career he turned more and more toward drama, however, Kieslowski insisted that his work remained true to the princi…


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