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The Lion in Winter

The Lion in Winter shows exactly how power hunger and selfishness can corrupt a family. The family was not close before hand, but however the powerful position up for grabs caused hasty situations to occur. All of King Henry's children wanted to be king of England so terribly they could almost taste it.King Henry had already given each son his own lands, but each of them kept trying to take control of each other's land.Power was all the children seemed to want.The mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, wanted Richard to become king, while Henry wanted John to become king.Philip was already Augustus of France and Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany.Each parent had a favorite child, which caused conflict in choosing the rightful king.Fighting and bickering among the family was very frequent.When Henry made an announcement to all of his family that he was naming Richard king no one believed him. The family at this point did not trust one another, if they even ever did.The power hungry state of each son caused them to doubt everything anyone said, which they probably had good reason to. Each brother tried to set an alliance with another so one could get the thrown.As the backstabbing continued, all the brothers got fed up wit it.Richard and Philip decided that they were going to plot a war against their father.Who plots a war against his or her own father? A dysfunctional family as Henry's maybe the answer.
Just as the entire king battle was occurring, Henry was having an affair with Alice, daughter of King Louis VII of France. Alice was already betrothed to Henry’s son, Richard, at this time.Alice allegedly gave birth to several of Henry’s illegitimate children. Eleanor, Henry's wife, was very happy about the affair, so she wept but soon got even.Her jealousy caused for revenge, so she went down into the chambers, where Henry had put their sons so he could marry Alice, to give them something.She gave them…


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