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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – C.S. Lewis

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe are C.S. Lewis's second book of the Chronicles of Narnia. In this book, four characters embark on an adventure after they discover a way into Narnia from a secret wardrobe. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy embark on many adventures while they were staying at a huge mansion due to the war in London. Edmund meets a wicked witch whom he sides with, and the rest of his brothers and sisters desperately try to rescue Edmund for the sake of all their lives.
The plot of the novel isfirst started when the four children have been staying at a country mansion because of the war in London. Lucy, the youngest of all, explores the house one day to uncover the secret wardrobe. She decides to get inside the wardrobe to see what is in it. To her surprise, there is no back wall to the wardrobe, and as she travels further into it, she eventually ends up in a forest full of snow. She then meets a faun, half man, and half goat, whom she visited with and then returned home. When she arrived back in the room, she realized that no time had passed by so she went to talk to her friends. No one believed Lucy about the wardrobe and the forest, so she was made fun of the whole day.
Edmund, the youngest of the boys, decides to see if Lucy is right so he heads into the wardrobe and even he ends up in the forest. Well, he travels around and meets the bad witch who tells him to bring all of his brothers and sisters back to the forest so she can take them to the stone table. Edmund goes back and tells everyone that Lucy's story was a hoax because he made fun of her for the story being fake. Everyone was tired of all the lying, so they all hid in it one day from the grownups and ended up all being in the forest. While they were there, they met up with a family of beavers whom they stayed with. While with the Beavers, Edmund sneaks out to find the Witch's home because she told him to meet her there next time he…


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