Books and Movies Reviews

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

I. Character Map

1. Edmund- Edmund is the second youngest in the group.He is referred to as the Son of Adam.He tells Peter and Susan that Narnia is not real even though he had been there.His love for Turkish Delight makes him believe the Witch is good.He betrays his friends for the Witch.The Witch uses him as bait to catch the other kids.He told the Witch of the plans of the others to meet Aslan.He breaks the Witch's wand in a battle.He became King Edmund the Just.
2. Lucy- Lucy is the youngest of all the children.She is referred to as the Daughter of Eve.She is thefirst to discover Narnia but no one believes her.She is thought to be crazy by friends.She hates Edmund because he lied about being in Narnia.She meets Mr. Tumnus ,the Faun, in Narnia.She found a robin in a forest, which led her to the Beavers.She was given a diamond bottle filled with healing juice by Father Christmas.She became Queen Lucy the Valiant.
3. Aslan- Aslan is the Lion King of Narnia.He can talk like most animals in Narnia.People get a sense of fear and happiness when around him.He comes and goes from Narnia as he pleases.He comes back to Narnia to overthrow the Queen and help the kids become rulers.His presence breaks the winter spell over Narnia.He out smarts the Witch on knowledge of magic.He can change statues back to live people.He tests Peter for bravery by making him attack wolf.He spreads loyalty to kids.
4. White Witch- The Witch is the Queen of Narnia.She is very strict and mean to her servants and others.She is very thin and pale and wears a white robe throughout the book.She has a spell over Narnia to make it always winter but with no Christmas.She can turn people to stone with her magic wand.She fears the presence of Aslan.She gave Edmund cursed Turkish Delight that made him want more and more.She uses Edmund as bait to capture the rest of the kids.She wants to prevent kids fro…

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