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The Long Girl

Many novels are so successful in selling that producers can’t wait to put the story onto the big screen. Most of times, the original novel is way better than the movie because it;s able to capture and let the reader know the exact emotions of each individual character, and all the symbols and events that happen throughout the book. In the novel the reader is able to use their imagination. This is what the author William Golding was trying to do in the novel “The Lord of the Flies.” Overall, the novel is better then the movie because it has better description of the character;s feelings, and symbols that has a true meaning in the story.
First of all, the classic movie, “The Lord of the Flies,” seems to be missing some things involving the characters. I think the reason to this is the time they have for the movie, so the character’s role and his true feeling are not real or believable unlike the novel. In the novel, the readers can see how Piggy really feels and that he was being treated as an “Outsider” but, in the film version the audience doesn't clearly see the true feelings of Piggy's emotion. Other characters in the movie such as Simon and Roger are so like no there in the movie so it puzzles the viewers because the movie doesn't show their roles. The movie failed in showing Simon as a “Christ” figure and Roger’s evil nature. On the other hand, the novel has all these ideas and allows the reader to use their creativity and most of all their imagination. So, since the movie wasn;t able to give the audience more information about the characters, their role, and their emotions, the novel is much more effective and has more information.
Secondly, the novel gives the reader more insight into the story with the author;s use of symbols. The novel is able to do this because it in depths the most important messages and serious incidents. For example, Piggy’s glasses represent civilization, but once


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