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The Lord of The Flies

The Lord of the Flies story written by William Golding takes a look at what
would happen if a group of British schoolboys were to become stranded on an island.At
first the boys have good intentions however because of the inherent evil of the many the
good intentions of the few are quickly passed over for more evil and exciting things.The
Lord of the Flies shows that, in the absence of civilization, people lose the sense of being
civilized and the dark and savage side of themselves surfaces out.
The boys in the novel begin as civilized children who obey the laws they were
taught their whole lives.Uponfirst arriving at the island, it was fresh in their young
minds, so it took some time for them to forget it.The boys appoint a conch as the
centrepiece of law and order in their community.This shows that the boys remembered
how to stay in order.Supporting this is the suggestion from a boy named Roger, that a
chief’ should be elected, ;vote for a chief;(p. 18). The boys chose Ralph as their leader,
because they were naturally attracted to his attitude.This shows that the boys want an
authority figure in their lives, just like back home in England. Ralph;sfirst action is for
Jack, Simon and himself to go on a scout to check if the island is really and island or is
attached to any other land, they find that it is an island and return to the rest of the boys.
Before returning, they found a pig but they couldn;t kill it because they were tied to
civilized way of life.After electing Ralph as the leader, they created different groups
each with a purpose of accomplishing something constructive: The Hunters, Water-
fetchers and Fire-tenders. It is decided at the meeting held by Ralph that people should
only be allowed to speak at meetings if they have possession of the conch, thus giving the
conch a special power to the boys. It is also decided tha…


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