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The Lord of the Flies

The Lord Of The Flies ends with the rescue of the school boys from the island when the British navy sights the fire meant to smoke out Ralph. Atfirst sight, this does look like a typical happy ending: the children are rescued before the "hero" is killed, and go back to civilisation… but if you think about it, this ending only serves to highlight the greater tragedy of what happened during their relatively short time on the island, for example when the officer asks:
"Any dead bodies?"
"Only two."
"Two? Killed?"
This last chapter lets us see what the boys have now become, and their change from the beginning of their arrival: "Other boys were appearing now… with the distended bellies of small savages". We see them as being older adults now, taking care of themselves without anyone's help, acting older than their actual age, but in reality, they were only young boys, and nothing more.

After the plane had crashed on the island, as time passes, the boys begin to change from well behaved schoolboys who try to follow rules given by society to uncivilised savages. This change is signalled when Jack and the hunters paint their faces, and finally manage to kill a pig: "Jack was on top of the sow, stabbing downward with his knife", (even if atfirst the boys found it difficult to kill it). Soon, hunting takes over and they begin to perform ritual chants and dances. Jack, who often disagrees with Ralph, the "elected chief", and some of his hunters, split from the main group and move to another place on the island: Castle Rock and became a distinct tribe. Their leader isn't called by his real name – Jack – anymore, but "Chief", and they begin dressing and acting like real savages, completely disregarding the rules, becoming a law unto themselves: "…faces of white and red and green rushed out howling".

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After his arrival,…


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