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The Lord of the Flies

I n the novel The Lord of the Flies the character Piggy takes on the role of peace keeper. Piggy conducts himself in a democratic manner. Piggy is obviously the most intelligent boy on the island. However his lack of social skills prevents him from maintaining order within the tribe. The dream of a democratic society eventually dies with Piggy.
Piggy becomes an outcast in this novel. He is a chubby boy with glasses who is constantly ridiculed by the other boys on the island. Piggy has many good ideas. However, none of the other boys bother to listen to him. Most of Piggy’s plans have to be carried out through Ralph, the elected chief. Ralph is the only boy who recognizes Piggy’s brilliance At thefirst assembly meeting the rules of the island are established. Piggy also presents the seriousness of the situation to the other boys. “You are hindering Ralph. You are not letting him get to the most important thing…. Nobody knows where we are.”(Golding p33). This shows Piggy’s adult perspective. Also he is trying to help establish Ralph’s authority. His democratic mind knows that someone must be a leader in order to have any kind of civilization. Atfirst these rules are obeyed. However, these rules are eventually ignored and chaos ensues. Piggy is also inflicted with asthma, which physically restrains him from participating in any activities on the island. He cannot blow the conch, gather fruit, hunt, or build huts. His inability to be physically active results in isolation from the other boys. “This intellectual is an outsider. He manages for a time to have some influence on the group through Ralph. But, generally, the boys are quick to ridicule him for his fatness, asthma, and lack of physical skill”( Piggy has a very scientific mind. He shows this knowledge in his suggestion to build a sundial and his disbelief in the beastie. “What I mean is that I don’t agree about this here fear. Of course there isn’t nothing to …


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