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The Lord of the Flies

What makes society interesting are people’s differing personalities, but this can also cause major conflicts. In the bookLord of the Flies, the characters all had immensely different personalities. Three of these characters stood out to me, because they each represent a certain type of person in society. The characters names are Ralph, Simon, and Piggy.
Ralph is tall with shaggy blond hair. He starts out as the dominant character in the beginning of the novel, by blowing the conch and calling thefirst assembly. Ralph is the leader on the island, mainly because he is knowledgeable and maintains a good attitude. He is the only one who looks out for the other boys and tries to do what’s best for everyone. Ralph’s name means “counsel” because he is the one who cares about the well being of the island and the other boys. He calls the boys together for assemblies, and tries to set rules for the island.
Simon is skinny with dark skin and black hair. He never really causes much conflict in the book due to the fact that he’s very quiet and is usually by himself. In Hebrew, Simon’s name means “listener”. This really suits him well because he is the one who pays attention to the other boy’s feelings. He is more emotional than everyone else, and does what he can to help out. Simon is capable of things that the other boys are not, such as communicating with the “Lord of the Flies”.
The third, and last character I will be discussing is Piggy. He is short and overweight with brown hair and glasses. Piggy is extremely intellectual, and is able to help out in a lot of ways, but the other boys will never listen to him, simply because he’s different than they are. The boys are really cruel to him, and don’t even treat him like a human being. The fact that we never find out Piggy’s real name shows that none of the boys really did care about him, or at least not enough to ask. Instead, they call him this insult throughout the entire novel. Hi…


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