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the lost boy

Dave lives in Dale City, California through all the seasons. In my book Dave's mom abused him though out his child life.The teachers at the elementary school were he goes knew there was something wrong. His mom would make him ware the old close over and over without washing them he never got new close to ware.He never had a bath unless his mom was not home then he would take one. The teacher would say something to his mom and he would come home from school and his mom would beat him more then usual.The teacher found this out and turned it in to the police Dave was taken away from his family, and he was put into a foster home. Dave always got along with other foster children, but he never stayed in one place to long during his stay in.Dave mad several mistakes in his life at one foster home he became friends with a large kid and got into some trouble.The kid that he became friends with told him to be accepted in his group he would have to slit the principal's tier o!
n his new car.Dave chooses not to do that.The kid accepted that and he choose another thing for him to do. That was to help him burn the school down. Dave thought he was joking, but he decided to go to the school when the kid asked him to, so he did.When he got there the kid had already started the fire and could not put it out. Dave put the fire out, and got out of the school before the police could see him, but one little girl said that she had seen him and pointed him out. He got in trouble and had to go to juvy hall. Then got moved to a different home.The home he got moved to had just got into the foster thing and they didn't last very long.He lived in many different homes.He then got with one family and lived with them for a while.With this family he was happy and had friends and a nice place to live. They soon started fighting a lot and he decide that he woul


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