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The Lost World

The Lost World was written by Michael Crichton.This book is the sequel to Jurassic Park.This is book takes place on the island Isla Sorna.It was a privately owned island on the west coast of Coast Rica by InGen.They are the biology company that made the dinosaurs and founded Jurassic Park. This island is where thefirst dinosaurs were born.Dr. Wu just came up with this new technology and they weren't sure how it would turn out so they made all the original eggs on this island.Then once they got it right then they make the eggs on Isla Nublar.The main characters were Richard Levine, Ian Malcolm, Doctor Thorne, and Sarah Harding.
Richard Levine made all of the other people get into this mess.He had discovered that the Coast Rican government were burying strange dead animals that washed up on the coast.He went down there and send a piece back to Ian Malcolm.Malcolm brought it to a zoo and they said that it was tagged and that it was something that they had never seen before.At that moment Malcolm knew that it was a dinosaur because he had seen them before at Jurassic Park.Then he called Levine and he wasn't home. Then he got in contacted with Doctor Thorne, who was making some special field vehicles for Levine.Thorne also didn't know were Levine was.Both of them and two of Levine students from school, Kelly and Arby went over to Levine's apartment.There he found a huge map on his wall and they figured out that Levine was on Isla Sorna.They figured it out by looking up old files on Site B on his computer, that he bought form InGen.They then decided to go to that island and get him.They then called Sarah Harding and asked her if she wanted to go and she said that she would think about it.
Once on the island they unpacked the specially made trailer and the Explorer from the huge steel containers that the helicopter had brought to the island.They both ran off of electric and …


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