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The Matrix

Websters Dictionary defines Messiah as "the anticipated savior,"who or what it saves is undefined.The Matrix was a movie withprofound and dynamic meaning.The main character, Neo, was chosen to save the world from itself.The title of the movie was the most complexed part of the movie.The matrix was a duplication of the real world created by robots with artificial intelligence.The robots had begun to take over the real world and only a few chosen people could see past the world that was created for them.This movie was based around the physical, spiritual, and mythical meaning of The Matrix.
The Matrix was a movie describing the physical aspects of the world in which they lived in.In the movie the artificial intelligence computers, which took on human form, had created a world.This world was being lived in by the entire population, except for a few people.Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus were the three main characters in the movie.Neo was the chosen one, The Messiah.They all knew about and could travel in and out of the matrix by phone systems.The Matrix was just a predetermined life created by a superior intelligence. The population of the world were followers of the matrix.
The matrix can be compared to the world we live in now.Just as each culture has their own religion, they all worship a superior being.Someone who created the world that they live in, and has a life planned out for each and every person.Our world is a created predetermined life as The matrix was. We live our life worshipping God and holding hope that someday Jesus, The Messiah will come to take the believers to the real world–heaven.In the movie there is a line that said; "everything we do is all just a dream." That is true not only about the real world but also The matrix.In our world, we try anything in our power to live life as we feel our Messiah would live, but does anybody know if it really mat…


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