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The Matrix

How the Matrix has used many different theories, issues and strategies to captivate the audiences imagination.
We live in a post modernistic society that today the globalisation of companies has pre occupied our lives our individualism is being challenged, most of our information is recycled through past philosophy and styles within our world's history and culture. With the Matrix I will give a description of the text telling of the basic plot outline for a reader who has not watched the film, next I will analysis a scene from the film indicating uses of genre, postmodernism, past styles, and the mise en scene within the scene.
In the Matrix I want to address post modernism theories and forms of style and usages of other documentation that have given the film meaning and association. I will discuss religious identifications within the film, European and non-European influences such as film style and genre. I will examine recycled material from other films that the Matrix has adopted all of which will build up to my analytical account from a critical analysis of the Matrix from "sight and sound." I will look at what the text has to say about the film and how it is backed up from all these issues that I have brought up in the earlier sections of this account. Finally I will look at audience and marketing issues analysing consumerism and advertising trends that benefited the new angle that the Matrix has to offer, seeing whether it worked or not, and to what effect it consequences has on the audience.
The Matrix is about a computer hacker names Thomas Anderson aka Neo, he is on a search for a man called, Morpheus in order to find out the meaning of what the Matrix is. The film addresses the perception of what reality is and how do you know what is real on what is not. Neo learns about the reality of the human race being taken over by AI in the late 21st century, now waken to the un imagery true that the humans are a …


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