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The Matrix – Movie Overview

Thomas Anderson is a man who lives a double life. Thomas Anderson is a computer programmer at a reputable company. Neo is his alter ego and is a computer hacker that does side jobs for money.The movie opens with Neo waking up to a somebody talking to him through his computer. Neo doesn't know what to make of this but the person in the computer tells him to follow the white rabbit. Neo sees a woman with a tattoo of a white rabbit on her shoulder and decides to go with her and some other men to a night club. At this night club is where Neo meets Trinity. Trinity asks Neo if he wants to know what the matrix is and tells him about Morpheus.
Neo awakens the next morning late for work and still confused as to what happened the night before.While sitting at his desk Neo gets a telegram that contains a cell phone. As soon as he opens the package the cell phone rings and Morpheus is on the other end. Morpheus informs Neo that agents are on their way to his desk to take him away.Morpheus instructs Neo of a way to escape the agents by going to the window and climbing up to the roof. Neo drops his phone while on the ledge and ends up getting taken into custody by the agents. This is where Mr. Smith is introduced. He is the head agent and is not someone to be taken lightly. Mr. Smith shows Neo, whom he calls Mr. Anderson, the personal file that they have kept of him and his crimes hacking computers.Mr. Smith offers Neo a deal that if he cooperates and helps them catch Morpheus then he will be rid of the file and have a clean start. Neo does not cooperate and the agents plant a bug like tracer into Neo's belly button.
Neo again awakens in his bed not sure of what has happened. His telephone rings and Morpheus tells him it is time to meet and arranges for Trinity and crew to pick him up. Trinity removes the bug from Neo's belly button and takes him to go see Morpheus. Morpheus tells Neo what the matrix is.The matrix…


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