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The meaning of the great Gatsby

"What is the great Gatsby really about?"This is a question that has many solutions, depending in the view of the reader.This novel contains various characters that differ in their life style and perspective.Due to this reason, many points of views are conveyed by this novel that one might accept as the themes.One of the themes that can occur in the readers mind is "vision".The author's imagination is primarily visual; he shows interest in the "looking" going on through out the novel.Another theme projected in this novel is time.the novel displays a search for happiness by looking into the past.Finally, the last theme that will be discussed is the dreams. All of these themes hold a certain level of authority throughout the novel.the dreams take priority over both, vision and time.
The vision discussed throughout the novel is not by any means what this novel is really about. It is rather a natural gesture expressed by several characters by using the gift of sight. Many times in the novel vision lead to misconception, one example is when Mytrle saw Jordan in the passenger seat next to Tom and had mistaken her for his wife. Incidents similar to this one occur throughout the play which contribute to the setting but do not describe the meaning of the novel.Actually the great Gatsby is a reflection of many dreams. Gatsby for example does not admire reality; as a result he changed his original identity.He also shapes the world in a way to satisfy his own desire, throws big parties to gain the sense of liveliness and chases an ideal happiness.In other words he chases a dream.Gatsby himself admits that he had "paid the price of chasing a single dream for too long".However, the cause of his fall is not having the wrong dream; he falls because his dream is too narrowly focused. Furthermore, Nick himself happens to be the character in the novel most obsessed with dreamin…


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