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The Memphis Tribune

The Memphis Tribune

Bendini Lambert & Locke Busted For Association With Morolto Family

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This firm might have saved some money by defeating the internal revenue service, but nothing compared to the millions and even billions of dollars that had been laundered out of Memphis."The firm was being controlled by the Morolto crime family," was one statement made by the federal bureau of investigation's Wayne Tarrance, who led the case.He also declared that without the help of an insider, this case would have by no means led to an indictment.Over one hundred arrests have been made in the Chicago and Memphis areas since yesterday, when thefirst indictment was issued.
The Morolto's had been hauling all of their illegal money earned form racketeering in the firm's Leer Jet, and placing it in bank accounts all over the world, from Grand Cayman Island.Once the money made it to the Cayman Islands they started spending it on company investments all over the continental United States.In this way the firm could turn illegal funds into a spendable currency.
DeVasher struck a deal with the state and is only going to receive a life sentence for five counts of murder.Although he was not a cold-blooded killer, he called the shots from Memphis."No one has ever left the firm alive unless they retired," DeVasher claimed."After he was ordered to'do somebody in' it was his life on the line, if he was not compliant he would have been exterminated, stated DeVasher."He also confessed to invading the privacy of every firm member.Although he will not be charged with the murders his henchmen are quite possibly going to receive the death penalty.
Denton Voyles, the Director of the federal bureau of investigation, stated that he had been surveying the firm for two years although had not received a true break until Mitchel Mickdeere joined the firm.He added, "We have n…


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