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The Mind Reader

The main character of "The Mind Reader" is Ellie Anderson. Ellie see visions, of the
future and of the past. She doesn't like her gift atfirst,but, realizes it's wonderful in the
end. Brian Tanner is a new,mysterious boy,about Ellie's age that she meets at the local
diner. Sarah Wilkins is Ellie's best friend that is hiding her past. Lieutenant Wilkins is
Sarah's father that is also hiding a terrible past. Melinda Wilkins is Sarah's sister and the
Lieutenant's daughter who disappeared and was never seen again.Chaz is Ellie's dog
The story begins when Ellie Anderson goes to the local diner after school as always to
get a Diet Coke and to chat with her best friend Sarah Wilkins.This day as Ellie and
Sarah are talking this veryhot guy walks in a sits down in a booth. Sarah tells Ellie
she should go talk to him but, Ellie is very shy and at the moment is swore off guys.
When Sarah goes to take his order she asks his name and he tells her Brian Tanner.
When Sarah comes back to where Ellie is sitting, Ellie is overcome with a feeling of fear.
Ellie tells Sarah she is going home and leaves the diner. When Ellie gets home her dog
Chaz is jumping all over her wanting to go walking, so Ellie decides to take Chaz to the
park next to the Fear Street Woods. Ellie sits down on the ground when they get to the
park and Chaz goes straight for the woods. About 15 minutes passes and its starting to
get late so Ellie starts to call Chaz but sees him far off digging at something in a bush.
When Ellie gets there she suddenly has a vision of a human bones. When she looks
down she sees a human bone. She runs out to road and flags down the next car
and tells them to take her and her dog to the police station and she tells them what she
found. When she gets to the police station she tell them what she has found and they all
go back …


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