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the miricale worker

The Miracle Worker, by William Gibson, is a true story of hope, learning, and love.Throughout the story, Annie Sullivan tries to teach a blind and deaf student, Helen Keller, communication.Annie was once blind, but had nine surgeries that enabled her to see. Annie goes to the Kellers' home to teach a Helen how to understand Annie's universal language.Annie is a challenging, demanding, and hard working person.
Annie is challenging all through the story and is determined to succeed in teaching Helen.Because of Helen's disability, she acts like an animal. Helen has no manners and has never been taught obedience. Like when Helen throws water and hits Annie because she doesn't get her way. Annie realizes that she must get Helen to be obedientfirst.She takes Helen away from her parents for two weeks to have Helen learn to tolerate and obey her.Annie hopes that she can teach Helen to understand the new language.
While Annie and Helen are together, in the Kellers garden house, they are both miserable. Annie makes a goal to teach Helen and without giving up. Annie is a very demanding person. Annie doesn't love Helen, which makes it easier to discipline her and to teach her obedience.Annie is very tough on Helen. For example, Annie won't let Helen eat or sleep until she has completed Annie's expectations for the day.
Annie is hard working and continually spells things into Helens hands, trying as hard as she can to get Helen to understand.She continually says, "This means a word, and the word means this thing."When Annie feels like giving up, she takes Helen outside to the pump and Helen finally understands.Annie finally reaches her objective.
The play's theme, "no matter what odds one must face in life, one must never give up", describes Annie perfectly.Annie is very frustrated and almost to gives up, but with hope and courage


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