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The Mission

The Mission is an epic that tells a story about a Catholic missionary and a slave trader.

In this movie in the mid-eighteenth century, the Jesuit priests in whatis today

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northeastern Argentinaand Western Paraguay find themselves caught in a not unusual

struggle. The action between the Pope in Rome and two of Europe's most aggressive

temporal powers went on for years. For nearly two centuries, under the protection of the

Spanish king, theJesuits baptized Indians and set up missions. The missions had a lot of

honor that is portrayed by others as well as resentedby others. In this movie there is

complete unity within the community as in working, living and worshipping together.

In the Mission there is unity because the missions provide protection for the Indians

whom the Portuguese colonists covert into slaves. At this time, slavery is officially

sanctioned by Portugal and unofficially tolerated by Spain. When Spain and Portugal

agree to resetthe boundaries between their South American possessions, the Jesuit

missions are to come under Portuguese control. If there are Indians who refuse to

emigrate they are to be sold into slavery. This is something the Indians do not want to

haveto do.

The Indians enjoy being in the presence of each other. They all understand the

goal about protecting their families and religion. Therefore women are allowed to have

only one child per parent in case they have to run from slavery or death. The Indians fall

in love and gain so much respect for the Jesuits. However, the Jesuits are blame by

Portuguese for having such a good relationship with the tribes that other countries

resent them by acts of jealousies. They all cooperate with each other by providing

food and building tents for shelter.

The missions are not popular with the newly influential Spanish and Portuguese

working interests,…


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