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The mission

Attitudes and motives of imperialism in The Mission
Colonialism- Inhabiting a colony or colonies. Colonialism has occurred in past history in different main events that effects how we live today. This is what occurs in the movie The Mission. The Mission publicizes the attitude towards colonial people and the motives of imperialism, also how the lives and death of Father Gabriel and Mendoza help the Guarani people to defend there land that they have created. Father Gabriel recites a quote in the movie that explains the attitude Father Gabriel has toward the world that he lives in.
The Mission Publicizes the attitude toward colonial people when Portugal bribes the Spanish to take over the Guaranipeople to remain allies. The attitude towards colonial people in the mission expresses how Portugal sees the Guarani as a "weak" unstable colony that doesn't deserve to own their own land so they take action to remove them. What the Spanish do not see is the Guarani are people with traditions, religion, and a reason to live. The motives of the Spanish as they overlook the humanity of the Guarani is to get them off there land. The results of Imperialism shows the deaths and the horrendous war that two colonies can experience because of the hunger of greed the opposite colony displays.
Father Gabriel and Father Mendoza expressed two different approaches in helping the Guarani by either fighting with them asFather Mendoza showed or as father Gabriel showed in preaching to the Guarani in front of the church. I agree more with Father Mendoza's decision to help the Guarani in there fight for survival because of the greater effect it would have in the fight to maintain there land. Father Gabriel also makes a good decision in having a seminar for the Guarani and preaching to them because of the believe that violence isn't the answer and dieing with blood on the hands isn't the way of religion that they have bee…


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