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The Most Dangerous Game

The dramatic situation of The Most Dangerous Game is not extremely complex, but it is a very good story that has been recreated many times since its publish date.The setting is set mainly on a large island in the Caribbean Sea, and the conflicts tell a classic story of good versus evil between the two main characters, Rainsford and Zaroff.Irony and foreshadowing make the story a little more mysterious.The Most Dangerous Game has always been one of my favorite short stories.For these reasons, I have decided to write my analysis on Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game.
The story begins on a yacht in the Caribbean Sea.The protagonist, Sanger Rainsford, is talking to one of his good friends, Whitney, about the trip that they are taking to hunt along the Amazon River.Rainsford, at some point during the night, falls off of the yacht, and must swim to a nearby shore.He arrives at a small island called "Ship-Trap Island."Rainsford hears gunshots in the distance and follows them to a great mansion.Here Rainsford finds General Zaroff, the antagonist.Zaroff welcomes Rainsford with open arms and treats him to a great feast.During the meal, Zaroff and Rainsford discuss hunting different types of game.The general suggest that he and Rainsford hunt in the morning. When Rainsford realizes that Zaroff hunts humans, whom are much harder to hunt because they can reason, he refuses.Because of this refusal, Zaroff decides to hunt Rainsford.Rainsford must then run and hide from the general in the woods.During the next three days, Rainsford and Zaroff have three separate encounters.Each of these encounters ends with Zaroff walking away giving Rainsford another chance.The final encounter turns the tide on Zaroff as Rainsford sneaks into Zaroff's bedroom and kills him.
The setting of this story is on an island in the Caribbean Sea.Within the island are a few areas that the story's action tak…


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