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The name of the rose

In the file The name of the Rose, the monks who run the Benedictine Order Abbey recognize that knowledge can be a very dangerous thing.Knowledge can be dangerous if it says that the truth is different from what the ruling authority says is the truth.Then such knowledge can become part of a revolution in thinking that destroys what people as the truth and a revolution that destroys the power of the ruling authority had accepted.It is this conflict between two different types of knowledge and two different ways of thinking that is at the center of the "book mystery" in the film.It is the conflict between the knowledge, the truth, and the ideas that are contained in an ancient book written by the old Greek philosopher Aristotle that has just been found by the Benedictine monks and the knowledge, the truth, and the ideas of the Christian Church that the Benedictine monks support.As Brother William (Sean Connery), the monk who has come to investigate the deaths at the Abbey, says, such book are seen as dangerous by the ruling Church authorities, "because they contain a wisdom that is different from ours".
The medieval Christian Church recognized how much power a book could have because Europe was "defined by Christianity, a religion based on a book, the Bible". It was thanks to the Church that the practice of reading and writing survived in medieval Europe. From its beginnings, monasticism emphasized the importance of the collection, transcription and study of books, including trying to combine the Greek and Latin Classical tradition with Christian teachings. This is why in The Name of the rose, the scriptorium, the place in which old Greeks books are hand copied, has such as important place in the monastery.The scriptorium is huge, monks' workday and night copying the old books, and the library in which the books are held contain many floors.When Brother William discovers the librar…


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