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The Nature of Love According to A Midsummer Night's Dream

According to a Midsummer Night's Dream, love is something that can transform.It is not visible, and it is hidden.True love becomes questioned after you read this play: What does true love really mean?Is there more than one person that is your true love?If not or even if there is, what is the relationship?This play encourages people to believe that love is changeable and that you are not made to fall in love with just one person.The way the pairs of lovers all interacted together proves that love really is blind.
A Midsummer Night's Dream suggests that love is not constant and is changeable.An example that is used to demonstrate this is when Demetrius and Lysander are in love with both Hermia and Helena at different times.Atfirst, Demetrius and Lysander arein love with Hermia, and Helena is in love with Demetrius.A spell is put on them both to fall in love with Helena.At the end of the play, Lysander stays with Hermia and Demetrius is with Helena.Even though a spell was put on them, this is the proof that love may change and not stay constant."Love is small and undistinguishable, like far-off mountains turned into clouds"; it can constantly move and change and often hard to notice, which leads to the second concept that is introduced in this play.
A Midsummer Night's Dream also proposes that we are not made to fall in love with one person.It provides the people who are reading or listening to the play to believe that there is always a possibility to have another relationship where love is involved.An example of this is the two pairs of court lovers.Demetrius and Lysander seem to be in love with Hermia.However, at a different period of time they fall in love with Helena.But at the end, Demetrius says "To her, my lord, was I berothed ere I saw Hermia.But like a sickness, did I loathe this food; But, as in health, come to my natural taste, now I do w…


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