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The Oddyssey

According to The Merriam Webster Dictionary, an epic poem is a long poem in elevated style narrating the deeds of a hero.Epic poems have been around for a long time and there is usually at least one for each culture.In an epic poem, the story usually illustrates the culture's values and how the people in that culture should act.The Odyssey is an epic poem for the Greek culture. The hero of The Odyssey is Odysseus. Odysseus epitomizes the values of the Greek culture and the way that the perfect Greek man should act.In The Odyssey, Odysseus demonstrates that he has self control, has respect for the gods, and has courage, which are all qualities of the perfect Greek man.Odysseus is still thought of as a role model today, and The Odyssey is the basis of many stories in today's culture.
To be a Greek role model you must have self control.In the many challenges that Odysseus has to face throughout the story, he demonstrates self control.When he is faced with a challenge; he doesn't act or jump to any conclusions just to get out of the problem. Instead he controls his temper and comes up with a well thought out plan.Three stories show this.First Odysseus demonstrates patience is when he is stuck in the Cyclops's cave.Odysseus could have tried to escape right after he was caught, but instead he was patient and waited for the perfect plan that would allow him to escape without being injured or killed.Another example of Odysseus showing self control is
when hefirst comes back home to find suitors everywhere.The suitors ridicule him from when hefirst walks in the door to when he is shooting his bow and arrow.While this is all happening Odysseus could lash out violently; instead he remains calm and collected.A final example of Odysseus' patience is when he was hanging from a tree for 12 hours over Charybdis, finally escaping at the perfect time.S


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