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Workshop Critique for Jenna Belkin (II)
1. a) This paper has good utilization of the MLA format. The margins are correct as well as the title and heading. It is double-spaced throughout and very clear.
b) With the exception of the cite on page one, which needs a space, the author is consistent in using proper parenthetical documentation throughout the paper.
c) The works cited page is almost perfect except for a couple small underlining details. You don’t need to underline the period at the end of a book title and there shouldn’t be a space in the underlining of the title. Otherwise it looks good.
2. a) There is very good textual support in the paper, but a couple more quotes couldn’t
hurt. The quotes used are good support for the authors writing and are nicely
b) The author primarily uses quotes for support but there are paraphrases as well. The
references are about a line each.
c) The quote in the middle of page 3 is good, but the signal phrase needs to tell the
reader why Karen Lindsey’s opinion is important. Also, the quote at the top of page 5
3. Most of this paper makes good use of transitions. They do a good job of guiding the reader from one idea to the next.
4. The conclusion does a good job of wrapping up the paper. It repeats the author’s main points and finishes with a statement about where we are heading.
5. This is a very well written paper. It makes good use of the MLA format, has lots of quotes for evidence and is very readable. This paper can be improved by revising it one more time for grammar and spelling and by strengthening the conclusion.


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