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the odessey

Whether it's a cartoon character of an in-cartoon or a family member, everyone has someone who is a hero. To many people, a hero can be someone whom they admire, cherish, respect, and look up to. In the book The Odyssey, many people look up to a man named Odysseus. To them, he represents endurance based on Gods will, moral strength, and cunning. But, to a few people, Odysseus is just a selfish person who only cares and looks out for himself.
I believe that Odysseus is more of a hero. In The Odyssey, Odysseus is more of a hero. He is a man who is heroic and someone who is kind at heart. When I think of Odysseus, I see a hero who many people admire and believe in. Since Odysseus is the leader of people, many talk about his returning. Many are also worried that he has not yet returned.
Odysseus in my mind is always pictured to be a very smart individual. He always thinks before he takes his actions. An example is when he disguises himself as a beggar. By doing this, he is able to find out exactly what is happening and has happened while he has been away. Not only can he find out who has stayed loyal to him, but he tricks Gods into thinking he is someone who he really isn't.
Before returning to his home, Odysseus encounters many events. One journey that catches my attention is when Odysseus and his men encounter the Cyclops. Odysseus along with the people the Cyclopes don't feast on, are basically stuck in a cave. By finding a way to blind the Cyclopes, Odysseus is able to escape. They hold onto the bottom of the ram and slowly walk by the Cyclopes. They safely get to escape without the Cyclopes having any clue. Odysseus's quick thinking saved all of them from being eaten.
Odysseus is a great leader and is a very exciting and profound character. He is complex, ambiguous, and very cunning. His smartness and quick-thinking saves his life along with many others. He is also described as if he were a god and …


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