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The Odessy

An epic hero is a larger than life figure who embodies the ideals of a nation or race. Epic heros take part in long dangerous adventures and accoplish great deeds, requireing great courage and super human strength. In my opinion I don’t think that Odysseus is an epic hero. He isn’t an epic hero because the only quality he has is great courage and that isn’t much. He didn’t save anybody, he cheated on his wife and almost got imself killed.
In book 9 Odysseus and his men land on the island of the Cyclopes. They spot a cave and they decide to go and explore it. They find cheeses and pens crowded with lambs.His crew suggests that they take the things and run, but Odysseus was stubborn and styaed in the cave. Odysseus loses two men to the cyclopes. When heeventually outsmarts the cyclopes and gets out of the cave. He yells from his ship and makes fun of the cyclops. The cyclopes thenpicks up a boulder and throws it at the ship misses and a huge wave sends them almost all the way back to the shore.
In the next book, book 10, Odysseuslands on the island of the goddess Circe. He sends half of his men to go and explore the island. The men found a house with wolves and mountain lions that acted like house pets. They entered the great hall , and were fed and seated in lounging chairs. She gave them wine that made them turn into animals. When this happened Eurylochus went back and told Odysseus what happened and said that they should leave and not to go back for the others. Odysseus should have listened to Eurylochus because she made them forget of home and that was another year they spent fooling around.
Then in book 12 Odysseus is faced with a challenge. He has to make a choice between Scylla the sea monster that look s like a dragon with 6 heads, or Charybdis the toliet bowl monster. If he chose Scylla the he would lose 6 of his men for sure, if he chose Charybdis then he would either lose all or none of his men inckuding h


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