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the odyssey

Greek literature has given a start to long and complex epics that revolved around heroes.This type of literature shows many possibilities to what heroism really is.The Greeks defined heroism as obeying the rules stated by the gods and goddesses, and those who obeyed the rules would gain honor and fame. Intelligence and courage were two of the highest gifts that all heroes must posses in ancient Greece.Odysseus is the main hero of the epic "The Odyssey," translated by Robert Fitzgerald.He was constantly expected to obey the rules laid down by the immortals, and posses' wisdom and courage.Courage, intelligence, and hospitality were the ingredients for heroism in its purest form.
Courage was defined in the Greek tradition as conquering fear or despair in order to save ones self or others.Courage was vital to the character of all heroes because there would be many overwhelming and challenging situations.Odysseus possesses courage throughout the epic.When he asked Kirke about what lay ahead in his journey home, Kirke replied
“There lay are a pair of cliffs.One of them/with its jagged peak reaches up to the/spreading sky, wreathed in dark cloud that never parts./Halfway up the clip is a murky cave,/ facing north-west to Erebus, and doubtless it is past this, Odysseus, that you and your men will steer your vessel./A strong man’s arrow shot from a ship/below not reach the recesses of that cave./Inside lives Skylla, yelping hideously;/her voice is no deeper that a young puppy’s,/but she herself is a fearsome monster./God or man, no one could look on her in joy./Her legs and there are twelve-are like great tentacles,/ unjointed, and upon her serpent necks are borne/six heads like nightmares of ferocity, with triple serried of rows/of fangs and deep gullets of black death./No seaman ever, in any vessel can clam/to have passed her without loss or grief;/she takes, fr


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