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The Old Man And Sea

The Old Man And The Sea
A= . Santiago (The Old Man) is the main character of The Old Man and the Sea. His occupation is a fisherman. Unlike the rest of the fishing community, Santiago continues to fish using traditional methods. These methods, however, do not allow Santiago to catch many fish. Thus, he is forced to live a semi-impoverished life
A= Manolin (the young boy) is a young man and good friend of Santiago. Santiago has spent several years teaching and instructing Manolin in the traditional methods of fishing.
Where and when the story takes place?
A= In Cuba and out in the Gulf Stream, in the 50'.
A= During the last few moments of the Marlin’s life. Santiago battles furiously with the huge fish as it thrashes about in the water. The danger to Santiago is immense because the size of the marlin is much greater than the Santiago’s boat.
A= Yes because is about the hard existence of the man fighting against his destiny, conditioned by the social and cultural structures that mark his life.
A= The story is about Santiago a Cuban fisherman who goes through many conflicts with nature and himself. He experiences poor luck in the latter part of his life which leaves him poor and destitute, relying on a boy to feed him and to be his only true friend. In spite of his skill as a fisherman, only his diligent perseverance ended his eighty-five day drought of fish. In this time of need, Santiago’s pride prevailed over his hunger and need of supplies. While fishing in solitude, Santiago’s eighty-five day ordeal ended with the snaring of a marlin. During the contest between himself and the fish, Santia


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