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The old man and the sea

The beginning of this novel takes place in a small fishing village, along the cuban coast. As soon as the novel introduces the main character Santiago, an old fisherman, who’s whole life and home is the sea. You imediately feel a sense of pity for him. The novel explains everything that he does not have, and how he is the out cast of the village. Santiago is described as feeling a lot of pain. The novel, brings you into his world, which makes you feel that you are right there with him on his journey.
Santiago, who in the past, was a very skilled fisherman. The whole village except for Manolin, believe that his luck has gone out. For the past eighty-four day Santiago hasn’t been able to catch a single fish. Even though his luck hasn’t been the best, he still has the will and drive to continue fishing. On the eighty-fith day, Santiago is out prove them wrong.
Manolin is a young boy that means a lot to Santiago. Their relationship is very strong considering the age difference. Even though, the whole village out casts Santiago, Manolin is still their for him. Manolin looks up to Santiago, and wants to learn from him. The way they talk is mostly small talk, about sports and the weather, but you can truly see that they care for eachother a lot.
On the journey, Santiago describes the weather in full detail. Santiago could tell by the smell and sound of the current, when dawn was coming. Santiago can see the truse beauty of the ocean and its creatures. He often prayed while he was out at sea, for the pardon of the fish. Santiago sometimes wishes that Manolin was there with him, to share the beauty of the sea.
Santiago catches a huge marlin, aproxametly 18 ft., and strggles for it. He struggles for 3 full days and night to keep the fish alive. Santiago apologizes to the fish for taking it’s life and has great respect for it. Santiago refers to the fish as his


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