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The Old Man and the Sea

In The Old Man and the Sea there are many examples of code heroism.
A code hero is similar to a Homeric hero, in that both respect their opponents,
both never give up until it is over, and they have courage enough to face
overwhelming odds.The code hero is always worthy of its opponent and never
In The Old Man and the Sea Santiago represents a code hero.Santiago
goes to fish one morning and rows so far out that he unable see the coast of
Cuba.Santiago then drops his lines and waits.At around noon he feels a tug
on the line.Santiago waits and lets the fish swallow the bait.Santiago thinks
that this fight will be an easy quick fight, but he learns that this fight will be
slow and tedious.This is where the code heroism comes in the picture.
Santiago, an old thin man with fishing scars all over his body, never gives up
and holds on the line with all his might trying to tire the fish out.Never giving
up the old man keeps holding on to the line hoping that the fish will circle and
give up, but the marlin will not give in to the old man.This demonstrates the
determination of both the marlin and the old man.Neither will give in to the
During the voyage back to shore the old man see some sharks coming to
feed off the bloody marlin tied to the side of the skiff.Santiago ties a knife to
the end of an oar and begins to stab the shark in the head.The knife then
breaks and he starts beating the shark with the oar.Santiago knows that all
his efforts to defend his catch are useless but he must try for the sake of his
pride.This show santiago against overwhelming odds.This is another
After returning to Cuba Santiago does not tell everyone about the three
day long fight, the pain he went through, about the sharks tearing the flesh off
of the eighteen foot marlin.Santiago just gets out of his skiff an


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