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The outsiders

“Among adolescents, so-called ‘body talk’ can be a major topic of discussion.This is the time when the body arrives to greet its owner, and how to respond with its obvious significance.With ease and enjoyment?With fear and constraint?With abandon, if not reckless abandon?”Robert Coles, (Coles 159).When adolescence occurs in the typical teenager, one of the major transitions in human life occurs.The body of a teenager becomes the body of an adult.This metamorphosis that occurs leaves the ordinary teen to use their new body in a way that they never have before.Robert Coles’ quote and this ideology is greatly defined in the novel The Outsiders.
The Outsiders is a novel based on an adolescent teen growing up in a Texas city.The teen, Ponyboy, who is without parents is raised by two older brothers.Ponyboy always hangs around with the group that his older brothers belong to.This group of post adolescent 18-20 year olds, are the somewhat misfit outcast greasers.The rival group or gang of the greasers in their hometown are the socs.The socs are the upper-class “jocks” of the high school who cause trouble, but remain in upstanding citizenship with the city.There is forever a clash between the two gangs, the socs and the greasers.
The novel tells the story of how Ponyboy, being a greaser, gets caught up in a tangle with him and his friend Johnny.The two younger greasers are jumped by a group of socs and Johnny ends up killing one of the socs in a self defense effort.
Basically the novel is about coming to terms with why all of the young adults are fighting.The climax of the story is when the two gangs have a brawl.In the brawl the greasers prevail in the fight, as the socs fled the area.After the brawl though, everything isn’t all fine and dandy.The struggle continues, the socs are still socs and the greasers are still greasers.
This isn’t just merely a story about two gangs and their figh…


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