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the outsiders

The story is about a kid named Ponyboy that live with his two
brothers. In his life there are many types of people, the Socs, the upper
class, and the Greasers, and the lower class people. He has a gang thats
consists of him, Dallas, Steve, Soda, and Two-Bit. One day when everything
is goin fine he goes to a drive-inn movie and then his life changes.
This story takes place in the time of the early 60’s. In the early 60’s
people wore tight ripped jeans. There were the jocks and the gang type
people in those times. They have drive-inn movies, in the 60’s that were
very popular to go to. There were Ford Mustangs and other kinds of cars in
the 60’s. Poeple in those times also used to carry pocket knives around.
This story takes place in a urban kind of area. There is West side
and East side. There are gangs and lots of crime with the Socs and the
Greasers. The drive-inns are mostly in the city.
The Outsiders show you the way life was when your are a kid in a
city trying to make it in life. It shows you how rough it can be when you
have fights everyday. The way that the upper class people treated the lower
class people was different. It trys to show you that everyone alike. It doesn’t
matter if you were a Soc or a Greaser or anything, your both people.
At the end of the Outsiders Johnny dies from from a fire in a wooden
church trying to save little kids. Dallas also dies because of Johnny’s death
he robs a store and the police chase him and shoot him. And Ponyboy will


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