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The Patriot

Overall the motion picture "The Patriot" was very historically accurate. The scenery and the clothing worn by the characters played a major role in keeping the film true to the Revolutionary time period in American history in which the story took place. Although characters such as Benjamin Martin and his family were fictional, there were many more components integral to the film's plot that were in fact a reality. Some examples of these are the Battle of Yorktown, the many historical figures in the film, and the numerous battle scenes.
One of the elements of the movie that most accurately displayed the American Revolution was the numerous battle scenes. Throughout the film you see many examples of military tactics and weaponry of the period. The movie may seem to be very graphic to some in the depiction of the battles but it is very true to the realities of an eighteenth century battle. An excellent example of this depiction is in the final battle scene of the movie. Here you can see the sheer brutality of this type of warfare. As the two sides line up to deliver shots at one another, they do not try to protect themselves with some sort of shield or shelter. They stand in line across from the enemy and fire volleys of bullets into the opposing line of soldiers. Amidst this seemingly pointless barrage of fire there is also cannonballs tearing through the lines and dismembering any man unlucky enough to be in its path. The weapons themselves are also very authentic. The muskets and pistols used are also fitting of the time period, especially the depictions of the length of time it took to load the weapons.
Not only were the battles accurate but the portrayal of historical figures as well. The main character, Benjamin Martin, alone was a portrayal of many significant Patriots during the revolution. He is actually a composite of the freedom fighters Colonel Daniel Morgan, Francis Marion (the "Swamp Fox&quo…


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