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The Pearl

A character's search for happiness is the focus of many works of literature. However, the search may or may not be successful. In John Steinbeck's novel The Pearl, Kino is searching for happiness. This whole work of literature is about Kino's search for happiness. At few times his search was successful, but mostly his search was a failure. In the end he lost his most priced possession.
Though Kino lost almost everything in the end, he was successful in his search for happiness a few times. One thing is that he married a wonderful wife and had a healthy baby boy. Another thing is he had a good home with nice neighbors. He found the Pearl of the World and he saved it from being stolen several times. He has a loving, understanding older brother that helps him in his time of need. Lastly, his baby does not die from the scorpion bite.
This novel is full of sadness and things that cause Kino to fail in his search for happiness. First, his baby is bitten by a scorpion and the doctor refuses to help it. Someone is trying to steal the pearl and Kino drives them away but he gets hurt every time. His canoe is broken and his house is burnt down. Kino becomes every mans enemy now because he has the pearl. He has to leave his town because he ends up killing a guy who was after the pearl.He is tracked by three men willing to kill him for the pearl. Lastly, his baby is killed and they end up throwing the pearl away.
All Kino ever wanted was for his son to go to school and make his family happy. He saw this with the pearl. He became so ignorant that he did not see how it was ruining his life instead of making it better. If he threw it away sooner, his search for happiness would have been successful. He would still have his house, canoe, and son along with his loving, caring family and friends that were always by his side.


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