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The Picture of Dorian Gray

I believe a great deal of thought went into the writing of this book.It is very detailed and in addition, it is very hard to sustain an allegory throughout.The Picture of Dorian Gray has many thought provoking phrases and paragraphs.There are many different literary techniques used such as foreshadowing in thefirst two chapters in very subtle undertones. Also used was a great amount of detail, which sets the mood for certain scenes, such as when, during the painting of Dorian Gray's portrait, Dorian and Lord Henry Wotton go into Basil Hallward's garden and converse.
The author wrote the book as an attack on the British Aristocracy.It shows how the upper-crust citizen cared about what showed on the outside and that they wanted to stay ignorant to their souls.There are many, many hints as to this meaning in the book, for example: Lord Henry's line in paragraph 15 of page 206, " I admit that I think it is better to be beautiful than to be good."It explains how vain he was.I believe his character was made so utterly absurd to represent the entire upper class of contemporary London.Even the personal meaning of the corruption of Dorian Gray comes down to this one point.
Since the masterpiece took all of the wrinkles, lines, and decay from Dorian Gray, he kept his youthfulness.This is what every upper-classed person would have loved… eternal outer beauty.This actually saved his life, in reference to James Vane and his revenge.Then, when he realized how horrible he had become, he ended his own life.The whole reason James Vane went after Dorian Gray was because of his sister, Sibyl.
I felt horribly disgusted over Dorian's outburst at Sibyl Vane on her last night.He was in love with her acting, not her, and since she couldn't play a fake lover, because she knew what real love felt like, he became ashamed even to know her and he did the only thing that he thought of. …


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