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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

What is the value of beauty in today’s society? What about youth?Are
these two somehow related to powerandwealth?Societycarriesagreat
influence inthedecisionsofthemajority,asitdictateswhatis
“normal”, “beautiful”, and “taboo.”It places wealth andbeautyupona
pedestal, allowing them to define theself.Peopleareconsumedbythe
aesthetic aspects of life and allow this infatuation totakeahandleon
their actions, steering them into dealings with drugs,betrayal,andeven
murder. Beauty and youth become excuses for the “privileged” to doasthey
To better understand the connection betweenbeautyandwealth,the
definition of beauty, according to its environment andcontext,shouldbe
addressed. The cliche “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” nearlyupholds
to the standards of working fashion models intheindustrytoday.Across
the board, the ones considered beautiful by the media are about 5’9″,weigh
approximately 110 pounds, and are at their prime, which is safetosayis
around 21 years of age. Thisemphasisontheconventionallyprettyis
clearly seen in magazine advertisements, on television commercials,andon
billboards. Even the Barbie doll plays a big role in easingthenaiveand
innocent into a world of “perfect proportions.” For that reason,themedia
isthemostinfluentialaspectofsocietyas it clearly defines
“beautiful,” allowing for others to latch on to this idea ofattractiveness
and continue a trend. A prime example to this adherence to societalfactors
and influential figures isOscarWilde’s1945classic,ThePictureof
The novel is set in England during the decadent VictorianEra,
and centers around the life of Dorian Gray, a seeminglyyoung,exceedingly
handsome, and wealthy individual who sells his soul to the devilinreturn


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