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the punk experience

In 1994, director Oliver Stone and storywriter Quentin Tarantino created the epitome of the American masterpiece: Natural Born Killers.This incredible movie was made to portray the 1990's as a whole, and to tell the story of a modern day Romeo and Juliet.Today, it is a classic and should be a standard for all movie making, as well as film critiquing.
Natural Born Killers is about two people, Mickey (Woody Harrelson) and Mallory (Juliet Lewis) Knox, who meet, fall madly in love, and travel the west while on a three week "killing spree" until they are apprehended by the police and imprisoned.The movie continues one year later, when Wayne Gayle (a media icon who hosts a TV series documenting serial killers and mass murderers) conducts an interview with Mickey live on network-TV inside the prison.During this interview, Mickey makes a statement setting off the entire inmate population, which then causes a horrifically violent riot. When Mickey realizes he has an opportunity to reunite with his love, he seizes it, and the formerly separated couple resumes their previous habits inside the prison during the riot.
This movie vividly portrays the 1990's with its incredibly chaotic setting.The brilliant makers of this film use techniques such as including two different perspectives (visually) in one scene.For example, in the beginning scene, Mickey and Mallory are in a "redneck" diner.While in the diner, Mallory is dancing by herself to the music on the jukebox, when two men come into the establishment, and each immediately begin to sexually refer to Mallory in a very derogatory manner.This heavily ticks Mallory, so she beats one of the men to a bloody pulp, and Mickey slashes up the other.When Mallory is sitting on top of the man jumping on his back and pounding his head on the floor, there are two perspectives.Thefirst is that of the man, which shows Mallory completely st…


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