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The Quiet Man

The loudest quiet man around.Both in the movie and the story Shawn
Thorton/Kelvin is a boxer from America who returns to his home town in
Ireland, but thats about the only major similarity between the movie and the
book.In the story and movie some of the differances are that Shawns home
town is different, the people are different, in more way than one, all in all a
different story line.The story was written by Maurice Walsh, the movie was
directed by Wolfe.In this the difference between the movie and the story
The Quiet Man will be reveiled to the reader.
In the movie the story line takes you to the beautiful city of Inspree.In
the book the story line takes you to a much similar town called Kerry.Even
Shawn’s little cottage is different.In the movie he buys the cottage that he
was born in from the Widow.In the book he couldn’t by his cottage cuz it
was not for sale.Big Laim O’ Grady owned it and would not sell it cuz it
connected the land between his house and the love of his life the Widow, the
only reason he loved her is because of the fact she is extreamly rich.
Another difference is the people of the small towns.Not only do these
people have different names but also different personalities and different
physical charicteristics.Lets take the main charicters Shawn for a very good
example.He is called Shawn has two different last names.He also in the
movie is a strong handsom tall man.In the book he is short and stalky.In
the movie is a man who knows what he wants.In the book he seems to be a
little bit not sure of what he wants and the way he wants it.
In the movie Shawn buys his place of birth and goes into more details
on stuff like the race where Kate’s bonet is on the line.Also Kate and
Shawns marriage is a set up and a scam on Will (laim).In the book Shawn
buys a piece of property with no history to him, Date Cillen a…


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