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The Reality of the Breakfast Club

Was the teen flick actually a publicized story of our high school Prairie Ridge High School? Some think so, and some not, while others are in between. Obviously the fashion style, music, and slang are out-of-date but the students interacting might be another story. Groups still exist among the crowds, but are those important today in our society?

A good deal of the movie is consisted in the social genres of high school. From the jocks and the prissy girls to the goths and nerds, we all in reality deal with the same difficulties of life. Some not as extreme as other, but we all have our own experiences. I don't believe in having social groups since many people are judged by that, but if everyone was the same, life would be simply boring. Boundaries need to be broken in order to experience life to the fullest. Luck fully for the teens in the movie that's just what happened.

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I believe though at Prairie Ridge social genres are stricter more among certain genres then other schools in our district. Our school boundaries lie mostly in the rich community, so money definitely plays a role here. The "preppies" are your friends if you have the style and the right social status. While others are rebellious towards them since they believe money doesn't define a person, it's the person that defines the person.But not everyone is rebellious, so I nicknamed them as "in-betweeners." To me they don't care about the rumors or how much the person's father makes a year, just the person, or even perhaps their moral standards. Our interests draw us to each other, not by how we are supposed to belong with certain people.

In the movie, the students put aside all their differences and decided to become friends and some even more. At Prairie Ridge some boundaries between people have been broken as well and became friendships, but nothing more then that. In our school society that is "taboo.&…


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