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The Republic

In the Republic, Socrates is talking about building an imaginary state in which he believes to be ideal, and perfect. He also tries to reason why the life of a just man is far superior to that of an unjust man.
This “perfect state” Socrates explains, is to be composed of three classes, the ruling class, the military class, and the craftsmen. He says that this state will act justly when its three classes do not interfere with the function of each other.
Socrates also explains the parts of the soul. He states that there are 3 parts, desire, spirit, and reason. None of these parts is, in itself self-sufficient.
In the Republic, the Guardian class, or the ruling class, would correspond with the reason part of the soul. They are going to be rulers, not as we know them today, but rather wise people who rule to benefit the community as a whole. Their reward would not be a monetary one, for Socrates believed that the Guardians should not be the ones to make the money because greed has a way of coloring ones views on certain things.
The auxiliary class, or the soldiers, would correspond with the spirited part of the soul. The soldiers would be motivated to protect the citizens of the state, by courage.
The third and final class, are the producers. They are the shopkeepers, and the laborers. They correspond with the desire part of the soul. They are the richest class of people, with strong appetites for such things as food, drink, and sex.
Socrates said, that by far the worst thing that could happen to the state would be if the three classes were to intermingle, and interfere with each others jobs. He took this belief to the extreme in saying that the Guardian class would not marry. They would be paired with the “perfect” mates strictly for the purpose of procreation. The children would not be raised by the mother or father, but raised specifically for the purpose of being ru…


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