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The role of third cinema

Third Cinema as Guardian of Popular Memory refers to popular memory as an oral historiography of the Third World folklore, serving as an account of memories passed from generation to generation.Unlike traditional Western Cinema, like that of the United States which is overly concerned wit money making cinema of this genre differ on many levels, associating perspective from historical, political and social angles.Third World Cinema is more a new form of expression that has not yet cultivated its own cultural voice, however through constructed cinematic language accurately reflects the people, their culture and their traditions.
According to Teshome H. Gabriel, Cinema of this genre serves to be a soldier of liberation. in the post-colonial aftermath,people of the Third World struggle to find their own voice, their own culture, as well as their own independence, their aim centers on their desire to forge their own paths beyond years of colonial influence and cultural repression.Cinema is therefore used as an art form of expression the can produce a product which can herald attention to a culture that was once oppressed by colonialism therefore encouraging the cinema as a weapon to fight oppression, regarding film as a revolutionary tool.Therefore through artistic means, film makers of this genre are able to pave the way for revolution, liberation of the people.
Third cinema concentrates on a cinema dedicated to a clear and honest portrayal of the Third World people, one that caters for and represents them. For example during Rue Princess, the film begins with images of African theater dance.There is an attentive concentration to the detail of African culture, for example the camera view moves along to encompass several differently dressed dancers however the focus is on the leader singer and dancer as she moves across the stage.In this scene long shots are used to incorporate detail and capture


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