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The Role Of Women In

In the eyes of the masculine society, the dominance of women has never been seen with pleasure. Their egotistical macho egos will not tolerate women prevailing over them. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, was Ken Kesey's tool to demonstrate the evils of domineering females. Every one of his feminine characters was given birth with malignant, evil inflicting individualities. Ken Kesey's views of women are as spiteful creatures that take pleasure in the anguish of men. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, exposes the malevolent powers of women, and the detrimental effects of what these powers can do when they are not restricted. In the masculine perspectives of Ken Kesey, the female characters are downsized to just two roles in the story. Each of which is created to bring down the self-worth of men, or to use sexuality to inflict havoc in the lives of which they meet. Ken Kesey has women who cause men to undergo a metaphoric castration. The characters of Nurse Ratched, Billy's mother, and the Chief's mother are focused on the removal of the masculinity of the male characters in the story that they are involved with. Ken Kesey, writes about the destructive powers that women exert over men, inflicting the reader with the ideals of the masculine form of thought.
Nurse Ratched is the perfect woman that Ken Kesey uses to demonstrate that the matriarchy of women is wicked. To describe the character of the nurse, Ken Kesey uses a male figure, which is the Chief. This demonstrates the how unfairly even from the start women are being described by the biased eyes of a male. Ratched, her name suggests her role to tighten the stronghold that she has on the men in her ward. Even the beauty of a woman's smile is twisted and turned by Ken Kesey. The more infuriated she becomes, the more machinelike and, therefore, funny she becomes, "…she really lets herself go and her painted smile twists, stretches to…


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