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The Royal Tennenbaums

From the quirky yet comical mind of Wes Anderson, comes a film about a dysfunctional family that tries to make amends with the downfall and corruption that erased the dreams of a nuclear family. Anderson's two previous cult classics Bottle Rocket and Rushmore failed to ignite at the box office but received impressive reviews. The Royal Tenenbaums is certainly not a film for everybody, but there's no doubt that it's a dazzling original piece of work. Wes uses offbeat eccentricities, damaged characters, and a bizarre yet profound comedy that comes along all too rarely. He may have created as close to a musical as you can get with out any characters busting into song or choreographed shuffles. It possesses a certain fantastic beauty that is only attainable in fantasy, yet has all aspects that would classify this movie as fiction. This movie will leave the viewer like a wallflower at a high school prom. We want to desperately be apart of its perspective of New York City but we are also aware of the utter fakeness of it all.
The main theme of The Royal Tenenbaums is how an incompetent father, who was separated from his family for nearly twenty years, tries to make up for his lack of concern and misery that he has brought to his children.Wes Anderson's grew up in Houston, Texas. While attending the University of Texas at Austin, he met actor/writer Owen Wilson who helped him write the screenplay to The Royal Tenenbaums. The idea for this movie was partially biographical with the aspect of the family situation, but generally everything else was made up by the two unpredictable, cock-eyed geniuses. In the very beginning of the movie, Anderson wants you to believe that the film is an adaptation of a book with the same name. As viewers, we obtain his book at the library, watch as it's dated, and embrace its plastic cover even though we know it will never truly be ours. Wes spent years getting all the research and p…


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