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The Runner (Influential characters in the novel)

In The Runner, the characters Mr. Tillerman (Bullet's father) and Patrice (Bullet's employer) both influence Bullet in the way as to which his behavior is constantly altered throughout the novel.Both Mr. Tillerman along with Patrice compared very much to each other in that they influenced Bullet's behavior in many ways the same.Contrary to both their influential comparison, they also influenced Bullet in very contrasting ways from each other.Mr. Tillerman tended to influence Bullet negatively for the most part, and Patrice positively; yet in a way their, what seems to be consistent, influences on Bullet also took opposite affects than what they were intended.
Mr. Tillerman, Bullet's father, and perhaps Bullet's worst enemy, had a great affect on his son's life.In retrospect to the beginning of the novel, and also throughout it, Bullet would often seem to be angered by his father's actions and words.It was things like his fathers demands for Bullet to get a haircut, the reason being that he looked like a girl that really drove Bullet to make the decisions he made in life.Bullet took these negative comments and demands and turned them into somewhat his fuel for running.Through his anger towards his father, Bullet used that as his motive to excel in his seemingly only pastime: running.Likewise, in a positive way, to how Bullet's father influenced him, Patrice also had the same affect, although Patrice was most subtle in doing so.It was just the way that Patrice responded to Bullet purposely trying and trying to anger the man by throwing a really large crab overboard that was a really good catch.His response was simply no response, which oddly enough said a lot.Patrice seemed to keep an open mind about things in which eventually rubbed off on Bullet, influencing Bullets decisions in a positive way as well.
From a long-term point of view, Mr. Tillerman and Patric…


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