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The Scarlet Letter6

Multiple meanings and discussion providing insight into the letter
The letter "A" was to be worn as a punishment, to be worn in shame, to be worn as "adulteress." This may not have been clearly and directly stated to the reader, but throughout reading the book, you gather possible hidden meanings of Hester's scarlet letter. Although the sense of the meaning "adulteress" is constant, the metaphoric, emotional, and moralistic meanings of the scarlet letter vary from positive to negative interpretations throughout the novel The Scarlet Letter.
The Puritan community was a dark, strict society, feeling indifferent to the humanity of the woman standing before them on the scaffold, with her infant daughter against her chest. The beautifully embroidered letter does not glow in the eyes of the people. The letter shapes the way they look at Hester and the way they treat her. They isolate Hester not only socially but also through her location, which ultimately causes her own emotional isolation. "It had the effect of a spell, taking her out of the ordinary relations with humanity and inclosing her in a sphere by herself." (40)
However, the people's attitude does change. It goes through various roller-coasters of positive and negative meanings throughout the course of the novel. The symbolism of the scarlet letter is expanded in Chapter Five, Hester at Her Needle. Whereas atfirst it represented Hester’s adultery and also her needlework skills, it now takes on more meanings. The letter begins to represent the hidden shame of the community. This shame is shown through Hester;s reactions around the community, like when she almost covers up the letter with her hand. Preachers will stop in the street and give sermons when they see Hester. The letter therefore becomes an example of crime and acts as a deterrent for others in the community.
Throughout the beginning chapters Hester is is…


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