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The Scarlet Pimpernal

The Scarlet Pimpernel was written by Baroness Orczy.The novel wasfirst published in 1905.It tells a story about a brave gentleman of many disguises who seeks out and saves innocent soles from France.The only thing anybody knew about his presence was the blood-red flower known as the Scarlet Pimpernel.The year is 1792.The French Revolution has turned into a Reign of Terror.Daily, turmoil rolls over the crowded streets of Paris, bearing new victims of the unforgivable Madame Guillotine.As the story begins hundreds and hundreds of innocent people are being convicted to the guillotine.When the Scarlet Pimpernel makes hisfirst appearance he is dressed as an old hag who drives a cart.Until the Frenchmen could find out that indeed
it was the Scarlet Pimpernel and that in the cart lay Comtesse de Tournay and other traitors, they were long gone.In the midst lay one beauty, Marguerite, with emotional heartbreak she suffers from the decision of saving her dear brother, Armand, or saving the one and only Scarlet Pimpernel.With Chauvelin on her tail she is forced to decide. But upon discovering her husband’s covert identity she risks her life in a desperate trip to England to warn him as Chauvelin’s forces close in on them both. Percy once again outwits Chauvelin, who is left unable to fulfill his quest of capturing the Pimpernel. After making some parting comments to his nemesis, Percy and Marguerite leave to return to England. Back on the boat they reaffirm their love for one another as they set sail for home. The final scene of the book (if you can call it that…it goes on for about 100 pages!) is very good, and I have to say I didn’t suspect Percy’s disguise in that caper up to the very end! I thought the ending was rather abrupt, but I hope to read some more of the sequels soon to see how she continued the story.


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