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The Scarlett Letter

Hawthorne handles his flirtation with the supernatural in various ways and I feel that they are expressed through three themes and those themes are wildness, the scarlet color, and honesty. Many times with in the story pearl is regarded as being a wild child and fitting in with nature or being an elf child. When Dimmesdale finally admits that Pearl is his child it is if that wildness leaves and pearl becomes a normal human with feelings. The scarlet color is most notably associated with the scarlet letter on Hester's heart but it goes beyond that. The scarlet color is seen in various instances and that is all thanks to the various supernatural events in the book. Honesty is also a main theme in the book that is related to being supernatural, through the entire story Pearl is cautious around Dimmesdale and detects various awkward things about him and that is because he has wet to acknowledge Pearl in public.
Often times within the book Pearl is regarded as being wild but that is not wildness starts. Wildness starts when Chillingworthfirst enters the story and he talks of how he has learned various things in the woods with the Indians. Often times when Hester goes to talk she will tell Pearl to go and play in the forest. Pearl has no problems finding amusement in the forest she often imitates her mothers Scarlet Letter. When Hester and Dimmesdale make the plans to escape New England Pearl is told to go off and play. When Hester calls out for Pearl it is if Pearl will not respond and that is because it seems as if Pearl is one with the forest. Dimmesdale even makes the comment that Pearl must be left behind and that is because the stream is the boundary between two world and Pearl can not cross the stream. During one episode of Pearl playing in the forest she is throwing stones and hits and injures a bird. She stops and is saddened by the fact that she could hurt something as wild as herself.


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