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The Shifting Heart

"The Shifting Heart" This play "The Shifting Heart" was set in 1950s, in a community where many people did not accept any migrants. The main, theme of this play shows Bianchi family moved to Australia from Italy and how the issues raised regarding to lifestyles in Australia. The racial discrimination was one of the major issues Bianchi family faced since they moved to Australia. For example, Mr. Wilson who works at the shop thinks it is amusing to call Mrs. Bianchi, Momma Macaroni. This sees it as discrimination and it is an insult and prejudice
The Shifting heart is set in the 1950's and introduces to us Momma Bianchi, Poppa Bianchi, Gino Bianchi, Maria Fowler, Clarry Fowler, Leila Pratt, Donny Pratt and Detective-sergeant Lukie. The play shows us that a family can't always assimilate into a country and there are racists in Australia itself. The Central issue is Australian racist attitudes towards foreigners who attempt to assimilate into mainstream Australian culture. The Bianchi family goes through heartache as their only son Gino is killed due to his nationality. This, in my view expresses certain themes such as racism, violence, anger and heartache. Racism is found when Mr. Wilson called Momma, Momma Macaroni, Violence is found when Clarry hits Maria in order to calm her down, Anger is found when Donny gets angry at Leila for not preparing food and last Heartache is achieved through when Gino passes away and Maria's sadness about the issue.
I ‘m not so sure whether racism would be one of the main issues I feel that it is not the race that is the problem it is more the difference between the way the people are and how they act and the lack of understanding by the Australian people at that time. I feel that the strong views of the British people influenced the people and they are taught that the British people are the only ones who are right… people were not accepted and they had to conform


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